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BEP Hawk Photo on the New Wendell Berry Book

Counterpoint Press published Wendell Berry’s New Collected Poems this month. I am honored that the amazing book cover designer—Gerilyn Attebery of Attebery Design—chose my photo for the cover.


The hawk flew into the big picture window of my parent’s kitchen a couple of years ago while I was spacing out at the kitchen table. It knocked itself out cold, so I quickly ran outside and wrapped it up in a towel. I held it for about twenty minutes while it slowly came to. I distinctly remember being mesmerized by the talons, while I wondered if it would survive. Once it came-to it hopped out of my arms and over to the fence post about a foot from where I was standing. I then flew into the house to grab my camera and was able to get three or four shots before it flew off into the trees. I received a copy of the book from the publisher a couple of weeks ago and meant to photograph it, but I ended up giving it to my parents since it has their front yard on the cover. The printer did an amazing job with the printing. You can get the book at this link on Amazon.