Puppy Love

A little bit of cuteness to break up all of the sports and travel….On January 10th I picked-up a stray dog who was starved and frightened. I didn’t want her to get hit by a car and I wanted to have her scanned for a microchip to see if she had a home. Home ended up being with me. Two and a half weeks later she gave birth to seven adorable puppies. They have taken over my life for the past seven weeks and six days. They turn eight weeks old tomorrow. All of the puppies have found lovely homes, including one in mine—Bruno.

Travel Part One | Road trips are Rad trips

Take a road trip. Eschew interstates and major highways. Stop for everything that somewhat grabs your attention. Allow for plenty of time to soak in the weird and the beautiful. Take tons of photos. A recipe for happy.

While putting together a submission for Lonely Planet Images I decided to do a series of blog posts. Here is part one in my series on travel.

Inaugural Framed Fine Art Print Sale



For the first time ever I am offering framed fine art prints. I’m doing a soft launch today with three collections: The California Desert Collection (featured above), The Abandoned Collection and The Railroad Boneyard Collection. I will be refining the offerings, but I wanted to get his launched so that there is still time for you to order these for holiday presents. You will need to register on the site in order to store your favorites and keep items saved in your shopping cart. You can always access the store through http://brendaernst.com/proofs/.

All framed fine art prints are 10% off through December 5, 2011 as an early bird special. Additionally, all friends and family can use the coupon code available only through liking Brenda Ernst Photography on Facebook for an additional 15% off through December 10, 2011. Remember, the early bird special of 10% off is only available through December 5th, so to get the extra whammy of savings, order by December 5, 2010. Please share this offering with everyone you know who might be interested in some original Brenda Ernst Photography Fine Art Prints. Thank you so much! Oh, gift certificates are also available if you know someone who needs some framed art on their wall, but don’t know if they’ll appreciate a 12×18 of my mug.

Galapagos/ Mountain Travel Sobek 2012 Catalog

Last summer, in July 2010,  I traveled to the Galapagos Islands to shoot a trip for Mountain Travel Sobek. I was on the sailing ship the Mary Anne with six MTS guests, the trip leader and the ship’s crew. I just received the 2012 trip catalog in the mail and a few of my shots were used in the Galapagos section. The catalog was already in press check at the printer when I returned to the states, so I don’t think the art director had any time to select the best shots, but a couple of cute ones did make it in there. I just went to their website to check  if they put any new shots on there and noticed that they are using one of my shots in the home page slide show. The last shot in the gallery below is a screen grab of the MTS website with my shot, but first… a gallery of some other random photos from the trip…





Abandoned and Decaying in My Neighborhood

WARNING!: THERE ARE GRAPHIC IMAGES OF DEAD ANIMALS IN THIS POST. I think they are kind of beautiful, but I felt you should be warned…

I apologize if the photo of the dog grosses you out or offends you. It’s been decaying in my neighborhood for a couple of weeks. At first it smelled awful and was being picked apart by turkey vultures. We would ponder how it died and whether it was a stray or a pet. Today it didn’t really smell anymore so I went up for a closer look, and although a bit creepy I also found it kind of beautiful how its detached fur blended with the leaves in an Escher-esque way. Then I noticed it was wearing a collar and then I noticed the gunshot wound in its hip.

I also took the last two shots of the expired 3000 speed black and white Polaroid film that I had loaded in my Land 340. Unfortunately, the last image didn’t come out.

F a c e b o o k
N e t w o r k e d   B l o g s